Friday September 15, 2017
Although the Hitmen themselves are not involved in the play-off chase this Sunday’s meeting has the potential to be instrumental at both ends of the table.

Jason Pipe knows his team need to be fit and up for the challenge:
‘Buxton can have a big say in who qualifies for the play offs and who doesn't on Sunday. It's not ideal having double headers as it's a lot of wear and tear on both man and bikes in one afternoon. One thing’s for sure, it will certainly sort out the fit riders from the not so fit ones! Both visiting sides are wanting at least a point each out of the meetings to cement their places in the play offs, but our lads will be doing no favours for anyone and will be going out determined to beat both teams by as many points as we can. We have a very good guest in Liam Carr for both meetings and he is very much an adequate guest replacement to cover for Matt, who is on Championship duty with Workington. I can imagine now that both Lakeside and Kent will be coming to Buxton on Sunday expecting a really hard meeting and rightly so. We have shown that we can spring one or two surprises when we have our full team out and it will feel like that on Sunday because Liam is just as good around Hi Edge as Matt. Both teams will have seen our result at Mildenhall recently when we came away with a draw, which really should have been a win and they know they'll be in for a tough meeting. I'm sick to the back teeth now of teams coming to Buxton and winning. It's now about time and it's not too late to start showing other teams what we are capable of at home and not just on away tracks. The lads know we have an opportunity to lift ourselves off the foot of that league table on Sunday afternoon and put the pressure then back on the Isle of Wight in the battle to avoid the wooden spoon. That battle could also even see Stoke join us yet, depending on how their home meetings go this weekend in their own double header. With both the Isle of Wight and ourselves having yet to travel to Stoke on the same day of Sunday 8th October it's hotting up! So aside from teams getting those last 2 play off spots, it's just as exciting down at the bottom with 2 teams, possibly 3 teams, trying to avoid that dreaded wooden spoon.’

Pipe clarified the situation at reserve and highlighted how important he believes that position will be in the run-in.

‘We will have Jamie Halder covering for Ben Woodhull in both meetings on Sunday as part of a verbal agreement I have with Jamie and his Dad, which is that Jamie rides for Buxton for as long as Ben is missing. Since releasing Jamie out of our 1-7 to help him with his development this season, he has been picking up some bookings with other clubs and he's now really enjoying his racing again, which showed at Mildenhall and I'm hoping he can pick up those few extra vital points on Sunday, that we've not been picking up at home at reserve on a number of occasions this season. I do believe both these meetings on Sunday will go down to who has the best reserves on the day as these meetings will be won and lost in that position. It's also going to be good having Shelby Rutherford back for these home meetings. If we get to see the same Shelby that we saw in 2016 around Buxton, then that could well sway these results in to our favour. I'm also looking for Lee Geary to up his game on Sunday. He's been putting the effort in, but a lot of the time it's not been going for him. I know what he's capable of and what he can do on his day and I'm hoping one of those days will be on Sunday. Lee can have a big say in were these league points go. We need some extra points from that position to on Sunday. Looking at the reserves for both Lakeside & Kent and comparing how much less experience they have compared to Lee, Lee should be beating these riders all day long on our home track at least. I need both my reserves picking up those vital 3rd places and beating their reserves and maybe picking up the odd 2nd place along the way. I'm really looking forward to Sunday and I just hope that the boys can show that bit of extra fight in them like they have shown lately away from home and in our last home meeting against Birmingham. Let's hope the weather is much kinder to us this week.’

Buxton both meetings 1 Liam Carr (G) 2 Shelby Rutherford 3 Tom Woolley 4 Ryan Kinsley 5 Max Clegg 6 Lee Geary 7 Jamie Halder

Lakeside 1 Luke Bowen (G) 2 Nick Laurence 3 Paul Hurry 4 Luke Priest (G) 5 Ben Morley 6 Jamie Couzins 7 Connor Locke

Kent 1 Luke Bowen 2 Anders Rowe 3 Kyle Bickley (G) 4 Dan Greenwood 5 Jack Thomas 6 Carl Basford 7 George Hunter