Monday August 28, 2017
A series of events have allowed popular Aussie, Shelby Rutherford, to re-join Buxton for the rest of the season.

Jamie Halder was looking forward to a confidence-boosting spell at reserve to end the season with the Hitmen however despite dropping to a 3-point average there is a rule that would have left him in the top 5. Hitmen Boss Jason Pipe explains ‘Due to a rule that would have seen Jamie Halder not being at reserve for Buxton during September, it was felt best all round to release Jamie from the Buxton 1-7 to help with his progression and try and get his confidence back up.

I was advised by Jayne (Moss) early on Saturday morning that Jamie would have to stay in the main body of the team, even though he, along with Lee Geary and Ben Woodhull all have 3.00 point averages. In cases like this the BSPA office declare a hierarchical order and as Jamie had the higher average the month before he has been placed above the others. To be honest I think this is a bit unfair as this was Jamie’s average from 2016 and I had expected him to be at reserve with Ben in September.

After talking this through with Jamie and his father it was felt that it was best to release Jamie and give him the opportunity to race elsewhere at reserve. This is something that he feels he needs to rebuild his confidence and get back to scoring points and enjoying his racing. It's a shame it's come to this because even though his scores didn't show it, he was enjoying being at Buxton. It wasn't far to travel for his home meetings and he had settled into the team really well.

Jamie has been playing catch up since he came in to the season late, in mid-July, as he wanted to complete his college exams first. He has been finding it tough going in the top 5 though and hasn’t really enjoyed being out on track. He has struggled somewhat which has knocked his confidence. He is a great lad, easy to work with, has a great attitude and a good head on his shoulders. I'm sure everyone at Buxton joins me in wishing him all the very best in the future and we thank him for being a part of our club over the last 6 weeks. I must stress though that this is a mutual decision between the club and rider and hopefully this will benefit him in the long run.

As Jamie leaves, it’s a warm welcome back to fans favourite Shelby Rutherford. It was unfortunate that things never worked out for Shelby at Cradley but I'm pleased he is coming back for these last 5 meetings. He's shown in the past that he can score some points around Hi-Edge and this could really help us out. Hopefully we can avoid that wooden spoon at the same time, as that's now a 2-horse race between ourselves and the Isle of Wight.

Shelby is up for this new challenge and we have no worries about him fitting back in to the side once he comes back at Mildenhall on Sunday 3rd. I can't believe that he will only have missed 2 of our home meetings in the time that he has been away from the club! ‘

The Hitmen travel to Mildenhall Next Sunday (3rd September)