Wednesday August 02, 2017
After a prolonged break, the Hitmen are back in action this Thursday and Friday with the second of their southern tours this season taking in the Isle of Wight and Plymouth and Boss Jason Pipe is in buoyant mood.

‘Our riders go in to our two-day tour feeling fairly confident of getting something out of both meetings. We've been unlucky this season when we have been without our top two of Matt and Max or one of them because of doubling up in the Championship. Nothing against the guests that do come in for us, but it's very hard to get like for like when we already have two of the top riders in this league and you’re trying to cover for them with similar quality and it's either not been working out on track on the day or we just can't afford some of the other top riders, which can be very frustrating, all we want to do is compete and we don't have 3 heat leaders like some teams do. Both the Isle of Wight and Plymouth are down near the bottom of the league with us. If we are looking at getting off the foot of the table and staying there, then we must be looking at going to these tracks and picking up some points. I'm happy that I have both Matt and Max at the Isle of Wight and I'm sure from previous visits, Tom Bacon can be an adequate guest for Max on Friday at Plymouth. Plymouth is a small track and one where you must gate and believe from the options open to us on Friday, that Tom fits this bill perfectly. He has been working a lot on his gating this year and it's been helped by riding all season in the Championship for Peterborough. I’ve also been involved at Peterborough and I've seen how well Tom has progressed this season by also doing higher league racing. I'd like to thank Graham Drury at Birmingham for allowing Tom to guest for us. This week also sees Ryan Kinsley drop to reserve and Lee Geary go to number 2. It’s unfortunate for Lee he now has to go up into the top 5, but from the length of time Lee has been racing a speedway bike, he has to have more ambition now than just being a NL reserve. He knows he can still get points in the top 5 and I know it too. It will be quite tough for him to begin with, but Lee can pick up some vital 3rd places and the odd 2nd place in a top 5 position and I hope we see that this week. I'm hoping that a drop to reserve for Ryan in the month of August can kick start his season and give him a bit of a confidence booster. He just needs that one decent meeting and things will click back into place for him. It's no secret that Ryan loves the bigger tracks and I'm hoping he can go to the Isle of Wight and be a match winner at reserve!’

Teams for Thursday and Friday.

Buxton 1 Matt Williamson 9.71 2 Lee Geary 3.27 3 Tom Woolley (C) 6.38 4 Jamie Halder 3.57 5 Max Clegg 8.96 6 Ryan Kinsley 3.25 7 Ben Woodhull 3.00 Tom Bacon guests for Max on Friday.

Isle of Wight - 1 Ben Wilson 2 Chris Widman 3 James Cockle 4 Scott Campos 5 Connor Coles 6 Jamie Sealey 7 Adam Portwood

Plymouth. 1 Steve Boxall 2 Richard Andrews 3 Benji Compton 4 Henry Atkins 5 Adam Roynon 6 William O'Keefe 7 Callum Walker.