Friday July 14, 2017
The Hitmen face a tough two meetings in 48 hours as they visit Lakeside and Eastbourne on consecutive days. Both matches see the visitors with regular riders missing due to commitments with other teams.

Hitmen boss Jason Pipe has booked what he believes are the best replacements available as guests to plug the gaps. He takes up the story

‘We travel to Lakeside with an open mind on what may happen there. None of our riders have raced there before, so it's all a new experience for them. It's certainly a meeting that we can get something out of if we can get dialled in from the very first race. All the lads are really looking forward to being away together on this, our first of two 2 day tours this season. Spending time like this together really helps with team bonding and creating a good team spirit. As none of our riders have ridden the Arena Essex Raceway, I've told them to do their own homework and I've asked them to go on to YouTube and watch some racing and see how the track should be ridden and get an idea of what it will be like. At least this way they won't be going in to this meeting totally blind and it's now down to them to give it a good go. No matter what the score is, I know all my riders will be giving it 100 per cent. I've had some inside knowledge regarding set ups sent to me this week, which I've past on and I do hope they take notice of what they've been told. We have no Max Clegg at Lakeside, but I'm sure Jake Knight will be an adequate guest, especially when he's averaging 10.72 after his last meeting for Eastbourne. We also welcome our new signing Jamie Halder in to the side and I know he's excited about coming to ride for Buxton and just being back racing in the NL again, after taking time out to concentrate on his college exams’

Pipe knows that Eastbourne is a tough place to go and the Saturday leg of the tour will not be easy!

‘Arlington is never an easy place to go to and ride. It's one of those tracks for riders, where you either love it or hate it! It's certainly a track with a very big home advantage! We know this will be a very tight meeting, but we will approach it no differently to all our other meetings we go in to. I'd like to think we can go and give them a good run for their money on the day. There's no reason this can't happen. It just depends on what happens on the day and who's side the lucks on and how quickly our riders adapt to the tricky, but well-prepared track. At Eastbourne, we draft in the much experienced Adam Roynon to guest in place of Matt Williamson, who is on Championship duty with Workington. One interesting point to note on the Eastbourne side, is at reserve! Connor Dugard must be worried about us going and beating them in their own backyard and they have drafted in Aussie Matthew Marson, who qualifies to race at this level because of a British Passport and is currently on a short holiday and seeing what he can do over here.’

Lakeside 1 Paul Hurry 2 Nick Laurence 3 Ben Morley 4 R/R Alfie Bowtell 5 Adam Roynon (G) 6 Jamie Cousins 7 Connor Locke

Buxton 1 Matt Williamson 2 Jamie Halder 3 Tom Woolley 4 Ryan Kinsley 5 Jake Knight (G) 6 Lee Geary 7 Ben Woodhull

Eastbourne 1 Georgie Wood 2 Tom Brennan 3 Mark Baseby 4 Charley Powell 5 Jake Knight 6 Matty Marson 7 Mattie Bates

Buxton 1 Adam Roynon (G) 2 Jamie Halder 3 Tom Woolley 4 Ryan Kinsley 5 Max Clegg 6 Lee Geary 7 Ben Woodhull