Sunday June 11, 2017
Just when all looked better at Hi-Edge the resurgent Hitmen found themselves on the wrong end of a 10-point deficit. A strong Mildenhall side put the home side to the sword racing to an early lead that proved a mountain too high to climb.

Team Boss Jason Pipe wasn’t in any mood to hold back in his post-match comments ‘Fair play to Mildenhall. They came and took advantage of our weaknesses today. Max Clegg and Matt Williamson were both battered and bruised from their crashes at Edinburgh on Friday evening. Due to this we were still able to use Liam Carr for Max, who was a great guest for us, but unfortunately we had to go with only one guest having to use Rider Replacement for Matt, instead of the intended Kyle Bickley. Even though we knew it would be an uphill task for us after this, against a good visiting side, I still thought we could still win this meeting. but yet again one of our biggest problems was that we were again out scored at reserve, with the Mildenhall reserves collecting 15 between them and our reserves 5 between them! Yet again we've had a reserve on the Away side coming along and ripping us apart and earning his side an away win! It's clear for all to see that we are unfortunately just too weak at reserve and if I don't do something about it soon, then we'll be left behind at the bottom and then we may start losing fans. Yes we can't win them all, but we are in it to win it and it would be nice for our loyal fans to see some wins and see us at least running these sides closer than we are, even if it was to end in a defeat. These are the stats that clearly show we are losing a lot of points at reserve. From all our home meetings, Buxton have scored 33 points from the reserve berths, with 68 points against us. Overall home and away our reserves have scored 53 points and the opposition 109! As you can see, this is certainly an area of great concern and we just look to address this as soon as possible.’

Pipe bemoaned the poor start his side made to this meeting ‘Where we lost the meeting today, was in the first 4 heats when Mildenhall raced in to a clear lead by 12 points. You just can't give teams head starts like that. We were slow out of the traps and unfortunately the Tigers were more awake than us. What's so frustrating about us not waking up today until heat 5, is that over the last 11 races (Heats 5-15), we outscored Mildenhall, 34-32!’

There were some positives from the meeting as he went on to explain ‘It was very pleasing to see Ryan Kinsley return a score of 6 points on his debut today. I just told him to go out and enjoy riding his bike, use his head and start getting used to the track and I've given him a realistic score of between 4-6 points a meeting from him and he's very happy as well with the way he went today and it was good to see him pick up a race win in his first meeting for us. Tom Woolley also returned his biggest score of the season for him so far, but not only that, this has lifted his average to just over 6 from July, which is his highest average in his career so far and he's now looking to push on from here.’

Pipe finished by levelling part of his criticism at other clubs taking away the development aspect of the National League ‘We now have a 2-week break before our next meeting, which is at home to Eastbourne, which will be a very tough meeting for us. Whether there will be changes before then, remains to be seen, but we can't carry on like we are. Believe

me, I would love to be able to put in two 3.00 point riders at reserve, who have just come in to the sport and leave them there, but because of the way this league has now gone, I'm not prepared to do this, because if we did, we'd be struggling to win meetings and struggling to hold on to some of our fans! Unfortunately, now National League Speedway has been turned in to a business by a lot of clubs, rather than be just a Sport and teams around us are making changes and if we don't try and at least keep competitive with them, we might as well just not be competing in this league. I'm certainly not happy with the way this league has gone and I wish for the day when maybe we can see either it going back to a development league or we maybe look at forming a new 'Academy' league, like this league was when it was first formed in 1994. Right now, we just have to get on and make the most of it, but over the next week or so, we'll have to decide which way we are going to go with this team.’

BUXTON 40: Liam Carr 13, Tom Woolley 11+1, Ryan Kinsley 6, Shelby Rutherford 5, Lee Geary 4, William O’Keefe 1+1, Matt Williamson r/r.

MILDENHALL 50: Danno Verge 11+2, Dan Halsey 11, Connor Mountain 10, Jon Armstrong 9+1, Luke Ruddick 5+1, Lewis Whitmore 4+2,, Jordan Jenkins r/r.