Tuesday May 23, 2017
Buxton visit the Second City tomorrow (Wednesday) to face the Brummies still searching for their first victory of the season.

This time there is cause for optimism in the Hitmen camp and Team Boss Jason Pipe has an extra spring in his step as he heads down the M1. He is also aware that this is the first time that Buxton have been able to name anything like a full strength side this campaign
‘They say things happen for a reason and I'm a big believer in that. Had we have gone to Birmingham last week and not been rained off, I'm sure we would have taken another heavy defeat and I for one was glad to see the 'postponed' signs go up! Thankfully though, even just one week on, we are able to put out a much more competitive team. I'm not only pleased about that for us as a team, but also for the fans coming to watch and for the Birmingham fans, as they don't want to be watching a side that's depleted, even if it's the opposition and it now won't be such a big pay-out for the Brummies promotion!! Tomorrow see's Max Clegg and Ben Basford coming in to the side and this hopefully will make us much more competitive and stop all these heavy defeats we've had to suffer in the first 4 meetings, through no fault of our own. I can't believe one or two comments on social media this week, where we've been slated for putting out the team we have been! I'm sure these people don't really follow Speedway that closely and whenever they hear or see a team struggling or a rider, they just want to be so negative, just for the fun of it. I honestly can't understand them. Are they really Speedway 'Supporters'?! I'm erasing the last 4 meetings and our season starts tomorrow! We have to put our first 4 meetings behind us now and move on to bigger and better things. Having someone like Max come in, who is currently the NL riders champion, has given the rest of the lads a big boost. They can't wait for tomorrow to come around now.’
Pipe did go on to give some additional team news 
‘We will unfortunately be without Lee Geary tomorrow and we bring in our number 8, William O'Keefe to cover for Lee. He has still got his sore shoulder that he heavily fell on at Kent recently and he again was struggling with it at home on Sunday. Lee and I have had a chat and we think it's best to give Birmingham a miss and next ride on Sunday, because including Sunday just gone, we have 5 meetings over 13 days now because of rearranged fixtures and that could well be too many in such a short space of time for him. It's nothing too serious but it is affecting his racing. I'm sure William can come in at reserve for us and pick up one or two points against the home reserves. I'm predicting a close meeting tomorrow evening and I'm fairly confident we can get something from this match. I've made a little tactical move for this meeting, because I've positioned Matt Williamson at number 4. I'm not going to say why, as I'll leave it up to other people to work that one out! Let's hope we see a good meeting and the fans can go home afterwards talking about this meeting for a long time to come!! I'm also hearing a little whisper that one or two Cradley fans are turning in to Buxton fans just for tomorrow night, just because we've now got Max Clegg riding for us!’
Teams Birmingham 1 Jack Parkinson-Blackburn B 2 Layne Cupitt 3 Daryl Ritchings 4 Tom Bacon 5 LiamCarr 6 MacCauley Leek 7 TBC 
Buxton 1 Max Clegg 2 Ben Basford 3 Shelby Rutherford 4 Matt Williamson 5 Tom Woolley 6 Carl Basford 7 William O'Keefe