Wednesday January 25, 2017
Buxton Hitmen have secured the 2017 services of last year’s returnee to the sport Lee Dicken. The announcement of Dicken comes hot on the heels of his son Kean being named by National League rivals Birmingham.

The man who persuaded him back into the saddle team boss Jason Pipe is delighted that Dicken senior is back at Hi-Edge.

‘I'm over the moon that Lee has agreed to come back to Buxton in 2017. After personally talking Lee in to a comeback to help us out in 2016, I could see by each week, his enthusiasm coming back for the sport, so it came as no big surprise to me when we spoke about 2017 and him agreeing to return for his first full season in a number of years. Lee's main priority in Speedway now though is his son Kean, who is making his NL debut for Birmingham in 2017. But Lee will be giving his all to have a good season and trying his best for Buxton Speedway. Lee and I go back a long way and we speak regularly and I'd say I know Lee and the way he works, more than any other rider in the side. Lee knows that extra pressure is on him because of us, more than likely having to go in to the season a heat leader short. I did say to Lee that his aim was to get the team at least 8 points each meeting. Though Lee is Lee and he will tell anyone, he won't be happy at all if he's not scoring at least 10 points every meeting! Lee himself has put that pressure on his own shoulders. So if he can record that each meeting and with the back up from his team mates, I'm sure we will be in for some good results this season. Lee could have easily said no to not riding this year, but he's managed to get help for Kean, from Nick Thorp, who is the younger brother of ex rider Paul Thorp.

Nick will also be in the Buxton pits when Kean's commitments allow and he is an ideal person to have around, as he can also pass on some good advice, which he's learnt and picked up over the years. Having Nick is the pits will be like us having an 8-man team! Also with Lee returning, he's got years of racing and knowledge inside him, that he'll be able to pass on to the other members of the team, especially more so to the younger riders. Having a rider like that in your team can be worth another 2-3 extra points alone. Lee is a great team player and I'm really looking forward to working with him in the season ahead. He could well be the rider who ups his average the most over the season. Lee starts on a 5.87 average, but I'm certain we'll see Lee put at least 2 points on that!’

The rider himself had a lot of soul searching to do before making his decision ‘It has taken an awful lot of thought for me to ride again in 2017. With Kean riding in the National League at a different club, I envisaged us both riding at Buxton all along but started to doubt whether I could fully commit to him while being occupied myself. Now he is sorted at Birmingham, I had a lot to work on. Whether I could handle all the fixtures - with the help of family and my good mate Nick Thorp, we can cover both our fixtures and I can concentrate on my racing at Buxton. I aim to up my average considerably and give Buxton a far better season than the last one. Who knows maybe try and win a trophy along the way!’